"Let’s talk" about circular economy, alternative fuels and responsible production.

"Let’s talk" about conscious use of raw materials, advanced technologies and carbon neutrality.

"Let’s talk" about an endless number of correlations: 1 moderator, 5 topics, 22 experts.

"Let’s talk about it" is the best place for dialogue about a sustainable future.

I consider “Let’s Talk About It” to be a very beneficial project for society. Environmental protection, ergo the protection of people and animals on this planet, primarily calls for dialogue and education. It’s important to consult with experts and facilitate these discussions for the widest possible portion of the public. That’s exactly what LTAI does and it does so excellently. Thanks to the English language selection, the videos are accessible to a large part of the global population.
PhDr. Lukáš Sedláček, M. Phil.
Founder & Executive Director, ELAI
The plastic crisis won’t resolve itself. That’s why I truly welcome the opportunity to discuss these topics on Let’s Talk About It. It’s great to unite companies and experts to talk about examples of best practices both in CZ and abroad. I myself had the honor of talking about the broad benefits of circular economy as well as how we’re approaching this task in Prague. Thanks for the professional approach and I’ll look forward to other inspiring interviews.
Vojtěch Vosecký
circular economy expert
We live in an increasingly globalised and inter-connected society. The problems of others are now the problems of us all. Increasing populations with rising demands of finite resources are producing many modern challenges that must be met by innovation in science & technology and business practice. These global needs are putting pressure on resources, creating issues with waste, and formulating new opportunities for those prepared.
The idea behind the LTAI series is an attempt to find the truth. This may sound obvious, but is increasingly more difficult to do in an age dominated by the internet, flooded with numerous sources of information, and exposed to many conflicting opinions. So how do we find real descriptions of the current situation, and arrive at reasonable solutions to the challenges we face?...Well, Let’s talk about it!
Michael Londesborough
LTAI series moderator

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