True change doesn’t happen solely through technical innovation. We must innovate our thinking.

About the project

“Let’s talk about it” is a project created by ORLEN Unipetrol to help shed light on the complexities inherent in creating a truly sustainable future. The project provides a space for discussion about upcoming changes aimed toward the transition to a circular economy and their anticipated effects on producers and consumers alike. More and more we’re noticing that existing models are not sustainable, which is why we must work together to innovate and build new structures. A change of such magnitude requires us to hold sensible discussions, explore creative solutions and cooperate at all levels. “Let’s talk about it” provides the space to do so.

The series is moderated by Dr. Michael Londesborough, a British born scientist and researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Řež since 2002. He is also chairman of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry Research Board and member of the Science Popularization Board. He has authored and coauthored numerous research papers, lectured at many international conferences and holds one national patent. In addition to a myriad of awards, he’s also received the Vojtěch Náprstek Honorary Medal for Merit in Science Popularisation. Since 2017, he’s been the brand ambassador for ORLEN Unipetrol.

Dive in and take an in-depth look at effective plastic recycling strategies and changing government, producer and consumer attitudes toward sustainable solutions. Promising technologies, expert recommendations to the European Union and planned economic changes- all this and more awaits.

In addition to taped guest interviews, LTAI brings accompanying articles, recommended readings and discussions with other fans of the show. Watch, read, listen and join the discussion. Let’s talk about it!


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