19. March 2021
Topic:  Responsibility

The changing role of the petrochemical and refinery industry in a sustainable future

The changing role of the petrochemical and refinery industry in a sustainable future

As the world around us changes, an increasingly greater emphasis is being placed on the ecological conduct of both companies and individuals. Circular economy and sustainability are no longer just buzzwords used by interest groups but are quickly becoming a necessity for any business wishing to remain relevant and successful. Does the petrochemical and refinery industry have a role in a responsible future?

Research and Development: Prerequisites for Success

Today’s petrochemistry and the refinery sectors are in the midst of major transformation. How can they undergo such dramatic change effectively? For ORLEN Unipetrol, same as other strong international companies, the foundation of success is research and development. That’s why ORLEN Unipetrol places great emphasis on the work of its two research centers, ORLEN UniCRE and ORLEN PIB.

These institutions primarily work on advancing new technologies to enable their use in practical applications. For example, a great deal of effort is currently being spent on perfecting the process of pyrolysis, the most promising method for keeping high-value plastic materials in the loop of a circular economy. They are also developing the use of hydrogen to decarbonize heavy industry and refinery processes as well as comprehensive integration of low-emission fuels in both land and air transport.

Supporting young talent

ORLEN Unipetrol is keenly aware that creating a sustainable future for the petrochemical industry doesn’t rest solely in the hands of the current generation. Wishing to pass on their knowledge to upcoming scientists and experts, the company strongly supports the education and development of young talents through the ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation.

Since its establishment in 2017, the Foundation has distributed nearly 18 million Kc to further education and development among dozens of students, teachers and schools in Czech Republic. Through projects such as a Wonderful Day with Chemistry, the EDUbus or Fridays with Science, the Foundation aims to show students chemistry as a modern and attractive discipline, that brings countless discoveries and numerous opportunities for the future to those who study it.

A responsible company strategy

These are just a couple of the areas that ORLEN Unipetrol’s Director of Strategy and Business Development, Martin Gajdoš, talked about in his interview on “Let’s talk about it”. Together with Michael Londesborough, they examined the topic of corporate and industry responsibility in today’s changing socio-economic landscape.

Watch the full interview here and learn more about petrochemical industry transformation.

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